Commercial & Military Avionics Compliance Services

Worldwide Compliance and DER services for FAA, EASA and Military Guidelines.

Compliance Overview

Commercial Avionics, Defense organizations, and UAV manufacturers throughout the world are adopting DO-178C (Software) and DO-254 (Hardware) to show compliance to FAA and EASA airworthiness requirements.

ConsuNova supports both Civil and Military aviation certifications. For DO-178C and DO-254 certified projects, we can provide a complete solution that will meet all aspects of the standard for all design assurance levels (DAL-D through DAL-A).

Compliance and Certification Expertise Include:
- Compliance support 14 CFR Part 23, Part 25, Part 27, and Part 29
- STC/TC/PMA/TSO Compliance, Advice & Strategy
- FAA / EASA / MIL Liaison & DER

DER Services

Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) are necessary for almost all commercial and military avionics. The top 20 largest aerospace companies have their own avionics DERs. The other 500 typically consult with an avionics software, systems, or hardware DER on an as-needed basis.

ConsuNova FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER’s) are authorized to approve and recommend approval of Aircraft Systems and Equipment up to and including Design Assurance Level A for Software (DO-178C/278A) and Airborne Electronic Hardware (DO-254).

DER Services & Oversight Include:
- Develop Certification Plans; PSCP, DO-178C PSAC, and DO-254 PHAC
- Independent Compliance or Certification Reviews
- Review and Data Approval for Aircraft Modifications
- Act on behalf of the FAA to approve or recommend approval of technical data 8110-3: “Statement of Compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations”

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